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Charter: Finding solutions to the problems experienced by the producers of Motion Picture Art at every stage of making cinema to improve the field of motion picture art production by providing a common platform and protecting its partners' economic interests.




  1. Work towards making it possible for the products of the film producers, especially of its members, to reach the broadest possible audience; to meet the partners' needs within the cooperative's scope for production, distribution, screening of films, and providing the necessary training; to sell, market, shoot and distribute the works of fictional or documentary films. Establish or run businesses for this purpose.

  2. To work on all kinds of screening options of motion picture art products; to arrange all types of cooperation and joint projects with municipalities, public and private institutions, professional trade chambers, unions, and cinema societies.

  3. To procure the equipment and all kinds of necessities for producing motion picture art for its partners, the producers of cinema, such as equipment, camera, light equipment, decor, costumes, design, accessories, make-up materials, copyrights, design for posters and brochures, printing, advertising, marketing, game photography, video shooting, post-production,  website design, warehouse cost, rehearsal space, transportation, office supplies, cleaning materials, tea, coffee, water, cardboard cups, platforms, chairs, armchairs, curtains, technical equipment (light and sound, etc.), space paint, fire extinguishers and related equipment, air conditioners, and ventilation, from domestic and foreign markets, and transfer them to its partners at affordable prices.  In addition, to find solutions to and provide opportunities for economic problems in terms of supply and expense items, to create a solidarity network by creating a pool of equipment among the partners

  4. To participate collectively in finding answers to the crisis cinema faces; to seek solutions against the problems experienced during the production or the screening processes of the independent cinema; to open channels providing relief to independent cinema

  5. To present the films of motion picture producers to the public at national or international social events such as screening festivals; to follow up on and organize the collection of royalties and screening fees for international film festivals and mass screenings,  

  6. To send the films of the partners to the national and international film festivals and to sign agreements on screening fees,

  7. To produce content for participation in various digital platforms, 

  8. Establishing film screening centers and drawing up projects for alternative film viewing practices, 

  9. To carry out technical studies with the digital rights (DRM) of the films produced by the partners and to develop the production of technologies related to film screening and distribution, 

  10. To market the films of the partners and the services of the cooperative.


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