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The title of the cooperative is “Limited Responsible Motion Picture Art Development, Dissemination, Promotion, Social Development and Business Cooperative”.  Business Name: Film Koop. The foundation documents were submitted on October 1, 2020


The purpose of the cooperative; The aim of the cooperative is to find common solutions to the problems of the producers of Motion Picture Art at every stage of the motion picture art activity, to improve the field of motion picture art production by providing a common unity and to protect the economic interests of its partners.


  • Developing projects and collaborations that will generate social and economic benefits for the Cooperative partners in matters related to the production and viewing of films in the field of cinema.

  • To create local, national and international partnerships that will expand the co-operative's sphere of influence.

  • To produce joint projects with local governments, public institutions, academia, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

  • Developing collaborations with other cooperatives.

  • Analyzing the current structure of the sector together with other actors in the field of cinema

  • To expand the cinema audience, support film professionals developing projects and provide trainings.

  • To produce solutions for partners in areas related to film production, to make supplier agreements.

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